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Effects and Treatments of Excessive Face and Head Sweating

Do you always find yourself constantly wiping your face? Do beads of sweat always roll down your forehead? Are your temples always wet? How about your head, does it always feel sticky? Do people always ask you if you’ve just been out of the shower and suggest to you that you should buy a new towel?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all the questions above, then you could be having excessive face and head sweating. Also known as cranial or facial hyperhidrosis, this disorder of the sweat glands is experienced not just by you but by millions of other people around the world as well. Although sweating is a normal body function designed to get rid of your toxins from within, there are times when it becomes abnormal.

Like any other disorder, this gives the person suffering it a set of problems. The very first in the list and the major and most common one is altered self-esteem. In this case, the self-esteem is greatly lowered. Although a lot of people suffer from excessive sweating, all of them say that it is embarrassing and makes them feel self-conscious. Because of this, those with this kind of skin disorder, or more aptly sweat gland disorder, do not like to mingle and wish to just keep to themselves.

Another problem that excessive face and head sweating brings is acne. Let’s remember that bacteria love to thrive in moisture. With excessive sweating, there is always moisture. It doesn’t take a genius to add one and one up, isn’t it? Besides, even if the person resorts to constant wiping and washing of the face, it will just further lead to more acne flare ups since the cloths used to wipe, and the constantly open pores brought about by the washing will only invite more bacteria.

There are a lot of ways in which to treat excessive face and head sweating and most of them are not available over the counter. If you suspect that you have this sweat gland disorder, go to a dermatologist. He, or she, will prescribe you with certain medications, either topical or oral or a combination of both, aimed specifically to decrease, if not stop, the perspiration. One such type of drug ingredient is aluminum chloride; if this sounds familiar to you, it is because it’s found in your underarm antiperspirant ingredient list. With this information, take note that it is not safe, nor advisable, to apply your underarm antiperspirant to your face.

By Ethan Edison

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