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Top 5 Tips to Avoid Feeling Tired and Drowsy at Work

Most work related health and safety incidents are related to stress and fatigue. And since being efficient at work requires an alert mind and body, these health issues can really be a pain in the neck. Most people who work round the clock to finish work, meet deadlines, and yearn for more dollars on their pay check can end up feeling tired and drowsy at work. But because of all problems related to the credit crunch, a little extra money is what many are after even if it means health is sometimes jeopardized.

If you are one of the many who are working on a hectic schedule, there are some things you can do to help yourself. You can avoid fatigue by just following these simple steps:

1. Avoid too much intake of caffeine. Caffeine in coffee is a stimulant but when it wears off, you would feel more fatigued and tired than before.

2. Stop smoking. Some turn to cigarettes for help when they feel stressed. They say it makes them relax and think clearly. Nicotine, like caffeine, is also a stimulant but the effects on the body are not good.

3. When feeling drowsy, take a shower using tepid water, not hot water. Of course if you are in the office and cannot take a shower, simply splash your face with cold water.

4. Eat regular meals. Not just eat, but eat healthy meals. Do not skip on your lunch just so you can finish what you are doing. If you eat healthy foods, you will feel better and even energized. Keep an apple or a berry with you to munch on during your break.

5. Make sure that your work area is well lit. Working on a dark area will strain your eyes and leaves you feeling tired and drowsy at work.

By Manuel McDaniels

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