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Healthy Breakfast Ideas

A lot of studies and research has shown that kids who eat breakfast perform better in school and have a healthier diet. Eating breakfast will help promote the proper growth and maximize school performance as well.

Breakfast is often times a victim of the morning time crunch. Even though you may be tempted to skip breakfast, you can simplify your morning routine by following these 8 tips:

  1. Finish homework and pack school bags at night.
  2. Decide on what your children will wear to school before you go to bed and locate lost shoes for the following day.
  3. In the morning, get up 15 minutes earlier.
  4. [

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You Can Be Healthy All the Time

You don’t have to be sick all the time. The “common cold” in the winter time and the flu that most people seem to get are cause by bad habits. There are people out there who never get sick.

Want to know why there are people out there who never gets sick, while you seem to get sick on a consistent basis every winter? It has to do with habits and personal beliefs.

If you think you are going to get sick every winter, then guess what? More then likely you will get sick every winter. This has to do with your negative thoughts about your health. The mind is a very powerful thing.

If you don’t think the mind is a powerful thing, just look at placebos. Placebos are fake drugs that doctors gives to people who think they are sick, but have nothing wrong with them. They are also used in clinical tests. People often reported getting better from taking placebos, or “fake drugs”. [Read more →]

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5 Factors That Make You Feel Tired

In today’ s stressful times, you can’t help but feel tired once in a while. For some people, it’s an everyday occurrence. Your body aches and your mind feels overworked. Sometimes, it almost feels like you’re tired even before your day begins. So what causes you to always be tired?

There are a lot of factors that may cause you to always be tired. Big or small, they contribute a lot to stress and fatigue.

1) Clutter

You might not realize it, but seeing clutter everyday drains you of your energy and makes you feel stressed. Your outer surroundings also reflect your inner self. You know what to do. Be more organized.

2) Routine

If you’re tired all the time, that is already a routine. What causes you to always be tired as a result of routine? [Read more →]

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Benefits of Fish Oil for Health

When the words oils and fats are mentioned, health-conscious individuals tend to run for cover. What they fail to realize is that there are good fats and bad fats. Complete avoidance of intake of oils and fats would actually be detrimental – rather than beneficial – to their health.

The Truth about Fish Oil
Essential fatty acids must always be part of our daily diet – without them, we take one step closer to our deaths. Essential fatty acids are divided into two families: omega-6 EFAs and omega-3 EFAS.

Although there are only very slight differences to distinguish the two groups of essential fatty acids from each other, studies have revealed that too much intake of omega-6 EFAs can lead to inflammation, blood clotting and tumor growth. The good news, however, is that the opposite is true for omega-3 EFAs. Omega-6 EFAs can be found in vegetable oils while omega-3 EFAs can be found in fish oils among other foods. [Read more →]

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