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You Can Be Healthy All the Time

You don’t have to be sick all the time. The “common cold” in the winter time and the flu that most people seem to get are cause by bad habits. There are people out there who never get sick.

Want to know why there are people out there who never gets sick, while you seem to get sick on a consistent basis every winter? It has to do with habits and personal beliefs.

If you think you are going to get sick every winter, then guess what? More then likely you will get sick every winter. This has to do with your negative thoughts about your health. The mind is a very powerful thing.

If you don’t think the mind is a powerful thing, just look at placebos. Placebos are fake drugs that doctors gives to people who think they are sick, but have nothing wrong with them. They are also used in clinical tests. People often reported getting better from taking placebos, or “fake drugs”.

How can “fake drugs” make someone better? You might think they are just crazy, but they get better because of the power of your mind. I’m sure you can think to a time back in grade school where you didn’t want to go to school. You willed yourself into catching a fever so you could stay home.

Another reason why people tend to get sick seasonally is bad habits. What happens during Winter? It’s the 3 biggest holidays of the year. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. What do people do during the holidays? They drink a lot and eat a lot and stay up late at night. Last time I checked all three were unhealthy and lowers the immune system.

You have complete control over your body. If you never want to get sick, treat your body and your mind right. Have good habits, and have good thoughts. Also eating a clove of garlic everyday doesn’t hurt either.

By Quang Van

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